Introduction August 2021  

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ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः।

Elliot is a lifelong student of Sanskrit and Jyotish. He moved to Varanasi, India at the age of 21 where he studied both in university and in the traditional guru-shishya setting. He completed his Sanskrit diploma at Sampurnananda Sanskrit University in 2017, and his BA in Vedic Astronomy in 2020. He enjoys studying all of the traditional disciplines of Vedic education, including Veda, Vedanta, grammar, literature, and ritual. It has been his God-given gift and lifelong goal to study the Vedas and follow the Vedic dharma as taught by his teachers. He is currently working on his MA in Jyotish at Banaras Hindu University where he also plans to do his PhD. Elliot offers Sanskrit classes for all ages and skill levels, muhurta consultations for any of life's activities, and one-on-one Jyotish consultations, as well as private tutoring.

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