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Children's Astrology Course

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Science of Light offers three interactive programs.

Introductory Course sets forth the structures of Vedic Astrology for those new to the subject. This six week course is designed for those wanting to understand how Vedic Astrology works or are curious about further study.

Course 1 teaches basic principles which allow a student to successfully read a Vedic Astrology chart. Classes follow through Science of Light v.1. Each chapter module has multiple videos, audios and practice exercises. Students have weekly online meetings where they have support, ask questions and are tested on the application of principles and techniques they have learned.

Course 2 gives firmness to one’s astrology practice by teaching deeper foundations and more advanced techniques. Learning material is based on Science of Light v.2. The course is designed to create quality and ethical astrologers.

Saṅgha is an online forum and monthly meeting session for course graduates to have supportive community. Graduates lead research projects. Difficulties in professional practice are addressed. Archived meetings provide continuing education and resources.  

Science of Light Courses

The first two interactive programs follow through the two Volumes of Science of Light. Each chapter has video, audio and practice exercises. Students have weekly online meetings where they have support, ask questions and are tested on the applications of principles and techniques they have learned.


Astrology Lineage

Shri Achyutānanda Das was a 16th century poet seer and Vaisnava saint from Odisha, India.

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Links to software, charts, and other educational resources to support Vedic studies.

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Hours of study
future certifications
with other astrologers.

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Jagannath Hora Software

Computations needed by serious Vedic Astrologers and Researchers.

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“I have studied both Medieval Western Astrology and Jyotish from other CVA instructors. This class far surpassed my expectations as someone who was eager to learn genuine Vedic Astrology and be able to move toward a proficiency in actively reading charts. The videos in the course, as well as the audio, are incredibly instructive, expanding and extrapolating upon the information in Freedom Cole’s Science of Light Vol. 1. There are many practices taught in the course that really round one out, such as Mantra practice, Nyasa, and Meditation. Freedom is also extremely hands-on, giving near-weekly online conference sessions making sure that you are grasping and growing with the material. His manner is precise and warm, a demeanor fit for an instructor. I would recommend this course to both those who are beginners and those already proficient in Jyotish. By engaging with this material, you will be transformed.”

– Ian Delaney, Licensed Acupuncturist

“I have taken a lot of courses both in Jyotisha and other related disciplines in my life, and I have to say that Freedom’s courses are one of the best that I have come across out there today, for both beginners and even long-time students who may have missed what studying in a tradition can offer. He combines the deep understanding you can only get from studying with a proper lineage guru of the subject, mixed with a very scholarly approach open to your questions, which he is able to deliver in a clear, organized, and concise method bringing you into this study one step at a time. If you are hesitating to approach this course for whatever reason, as I did for a while, I would encourage you to wait no more as many of your questions about how Jyotisha actually works according to Parasara will likely be found within if you devote yourself to the knowledge and open you up for more advanced studies in the subject.”

– Frank Vasquez, Educator and Iyengar Teacher

“I didn’t think it could get much better after Freedom’s year one course, but I was pleasantly surprised. The second year of studying with Freedom provided a depth of foundation in the practice of Jyotish which I had been searching for many years. Working through the chapters of his book and integrating the techniques and practices turned a series of rules (learned in the first year) into a transformative experience and an entirely different outlook on life. After completing this class I feel I have many of the tools necessary to be a practicing Vedic Astrologer, and enough leads for further studying to last a lifetime.
I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to integrate their knowledge of Vedic Astrology (however deep or superficial) into the fabric of their lives, and fundamentally shift their consciousness.”

– Maggie Hippman, Terra Psychologist

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