This 12 week course has been created to go for a deeper dive than what the 6 week Introduction course has to offer, yet not as rigorous of a commitment as Level 1. We will use Science of Light Level 1 as our study text, however in our 12 weeks we will go through an abridged version. There will be excerpts of Level 1 videos to watch before the live classes with Mrinmoyee, as well as suggested reading and practice exercises. There will be suggested material to study in between classes. Some of the topics covered in the course include Planets, Houses, Signs, Strength, Sambandha and Yogas, Nakshatras and the Moon, Dasha, Vargas, and Remedial Measures. At the end of this class you will have a good foundation of the basic structure of a chart, to which you can add continued layers of richness over time.

Starting March 2022 (price and finer details will be updated in the next few days)

Introduction to Astrology
Week 1- Introduction
Week 2-3 Planets
Week 4 Signs
Week 5 Houses
Week 6-7 Strengths
Week 8 Sambandha and Yoga
Week 9 Nakshatras and the Moon
Week 10 Dasha- Timing of Events
Week 11 Divisional Charts
Week 12 Basics of Remedial Measures

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