Sangha means community. Science of Light aims to create a supportive Jyotish community for graduates.

On a monthly basis, Science of Light graduates meet to discuss various topics in Jyotish. Meetings serve as an interactive forum in which SOL graduates can engage and fully support one another into becoming professional Vedic astrologers.

At meetings, beginner Jyotish practitioners present questions they may have on challenging charts while advanced students offer guidance and insight on prescribing remedies.

Graduate research findings are often shared during monthly meetings. A graduate student will select a topic (i.e. a certain career or health issue), compile charts of individuals with this certain characteristic, and find commonalities among all the collected charts. There have been topics such as skin diseases, breast cancer, and kidney transplants. During meetings, Freedom shares knowledge on the science of mantra, prashna and other Jyotish topics.

There is no religious requirements. All religions, cultures, races, and other differences are accepted with unconditional positive regard. This is a Jyotish Sangha to stay in touch with community dedicated to Jyotish and to serve as a support to develop further skills and assisted practice.

Further learning resources:

Further Courses:

5 Year Jyotish Course
Parashara Jyotish Course EU
Parashara Jyotish Course
Sohamsa (DBC)

Advanced Jyotish Studies
Jaimini Sutra Course
Mantra Shastra Program

Associated Astrologers:
Paramguru Sanjay Rath
Visti Larsen
Sarbani Rath
Sarajit Podder

Further Studies
History of Indian Philosophy

Practicing Graduates:
Mrinmoyee Prajna: Astrology, tutoring, teaching
Maggie Hippman: Astrology, teaching
Zelda Testard: Astrology
Elliot Hocker: Muhurta, teaching Sanskrit
Jessica Lusignan: Medical Astrology
Joey Bujold: Astrology
Vidya Henderson: Astrology
Hemant Kathuria: Astrology, Prashna
Nala Sarasvati: Gemstones and Jyotish
Ranjeet: Astrology
Parvati Parul:  Astrology and Recovery facilitator