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This video will start at 5 minutes (you can watch all if you wish)- shows how the tradition was feminist, [as well as anti-caste, and anti-racism] since before the 1500s.


Deeper Reading on the Utkal Vaisnava History
The whole book is interesting, and specifically discusses Panchasakha in the last section [1988].

The entire preface is great, but pages cxxxvi onwards directly address the Panchasakha [1912].

Translation of parts of the Odisha Bhagavat Purana (Bhagabata) which was one of the first times a Sacred Brahmana Sanskrit text was translated into the common language to inspire the common people. This was revolutionary in India and started a cultural revolution in Odisha.

Article to understand Theology associated with the tradition more deeply:
Caitanya Vaisnava Theology in Context

Buddhism in Orissa

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