For the Science of Light 1 course beginning on Thursday February 27th from 6PM-8PM, Freedom offers two options to pay for this course. It is important to Freedom to keep the course cost low, accessible and available to all financial situations.

Please read the outline terms for each payment option and choose which you will commit to.

Option A:
Student makes a one time payment in full of the $1,400 tuition. Upon payment, student is granted access to all course materials. This class portal does not have a time limit and is always a resource to you.

Option B:
Student commits to making 4 payments of $400 to complete the tuition total of $1,600. The student’s first payment of $400 will grant them access to the course materials up to Chapter 7. The next 3 payment dates that will proceed will be May 4th, August 3rd, and October 5th. Students are required to make their payments before or on these dates. Once the next payments are made, the course video and content will continue to open, granting them access to the next few chapters each time. When tuition is complete, the online student portal does not have a time limit and is always a resource to you.

If a student has not completed their payments by the end of live classes, we will have to close their access to the student portal until payment is complete. Students will receive certificates once tuition is paid in full.

$1400 for lifetime access
to Course I Material

Payment Plan
4 payments of $400