Welcome, this page is for those who have purchased a copy of Science of Light. These materials are to deepen your experience of Vedic astrology and help you integrate the information. Some chapters have small MP3 lessons from May 2007, more practice exercises, additional PDF materials to go deeper into the particular topic. There are also MP3’s of mantras made by one of my Sanskrit teachers which is enunciated clearly and slowly to aid in proper pronunciation and practice. Note: These are old recordings. Presently there is the 6 week Introduction Course which is intended to introduce a student to the Science of Light material, and does so in a very individualized manner. These courses run regularly through out the year. 

Introduction: 00 How is this book different than others, 01 Introduction to the BPHS, Dedication (p.vii): Brhaspati mantra offered to Jagannath Rath, JyotiBrahma Mantra offered to Jagannath Rath, Ganesh mantra (p.ix), Ganesh mantra practice
Chapter One: Introduction to Vedic Astrology 03 Perspective from Earth, 03.2 Question, 04 planet intro, 05 planets, 06 planets, 07 Houses, 07.2 Question08 Signs, 08.2 Question, For the next file please sit comfortably and shut your eyes for 09 Meditation, 09.2 Question, 10 Astronomy, 10.2 Question, 11 Time, 12 Lunar Cycles To get the most out of this book, please practice the exercises given in #12 for some time and memorize the new Sanskrit terms in this chapter before continuing.
Chapter Two: Vedic Foundations 13 Introduction to Vedas , 14 Intro to Vedas, 14.5 Intro to Vedas, 15 four parts of the Vedas, 15.2 Question, 15.3 Question, 16 Purpose of Jyotish, 16.2 Question, 17 Vedanga, 17.2 Vedanga, 17.3 Vedanga, 18 Upanga, 19 Additonal Upanga, 20 Question and summary, 21 three Skandas, 21.2 Question, 22 limbs of Jyotish, 23 karma theory, 24 conclusion, 24.2 Question Mahavakya pronuciation (p31), Gayatri mantra (p.33), Gayatri ghanapathah (p.34), Before proceeding: -memorize the fourteen abodes of knowledge and be able to define each -make sure you understand, “What is the purpose of the Vedas,” and how this reveals the purpose of Vedic Astrology on various levels
Chapter Three: Grahas (Planets) 25 grahas intro, 26 karakas, 27 five elements, 28 Gunas, 29 Varna, 30 Natural significations, 31 Sun, 32 Moon, 33 Rahu and Ketu, 34 planetary status, 35 planetary attributes, 36 types of karakas, 36.2 Question Verse 3 & 4 (p.53)
Chapter Four: Devata (Deities) 37 Approaching the devatas
Chapter Five: Rashi (signs) 38 twelve signs, 39 odd and even signs, 40 sign qualities, 41 body division, 42 gunas and tattvas, 43 yugas
Chapter Six: Bhava (houses)
Chapter Seven: Strengths and Status
Chapter Eight: Bhavapada (perception)
Chapter Nine: Argala (Interaction)
Chapter Ten: Sambandha and Yogas
Chapter Eleven: Nakshatras
Chapter Twelve: Dasha (timing) [vyasa class recording May 14 2006] 01 Intro to dasa, 02 Calculation of dasa, 03 Students calculate dasa, 04 Stories, 05 conditional dasa, 06 (off topic) Hora, 07 Interpretation 1, 2, 3, 08 Interpretation 4, 09 Interpretation Ashtakavarga Calculator PDF (contained in the 1st printing but not in 2nd), Ashtakavarga screenshot from Mudgala Hora
 Chapter Thirteen: Varga (divisional charts)
 Chapter Fourteen: Introduction to Remedies
 Chapter Fifteen: Panchanga(The Five limbs of Time) Online Panchanga resourcesHimalayan Academy Panchanga PDF of Panchanga Dosha Pujas: This is what I actually give a client to understand the puja and also to give to the priest in order to perform the puja correctly. Sankranti PDF, Amavasya PDF
 Chapter Sixteen: Interpretation

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Listen to more at Vyasa SJC Archived Classes:

Scroll down to see the chronological list of classes held at Vyasa SJC. Available MP3’s will be uploaded as they are edited for uploading. Volunteers with audio editing skills would allow more MP3s to make it to the website.

October 25th 2009: Marakas and Badhakas (un-edited)

February 1st 2008Circumstances of Birth (no recording available)

March 4th 2007: Vedic/Hindu Calendar-Calculation and Holdidays (by Eric Rosenbush, Four Cases Studies (by Freeedom Cole)

June 3th 2007Upapada Lagna, Maraka houses, Prasna, Example Charts

April 22nd 2007Sarasvati mantra, Question and Answer, Upapada Lagna Introduction

April 1st 2007: Aum, Chandra Mantras, Rg Veda 1.91.16, Argala Review, 10th, 11th, 12th house from AL, Example Charts,

February 11th 2007: Vishnu Mantras and usage, Houses (7-10) from Arudha Lagna

December 21 2007: Mrityunjaya Mantra, Houses from Arudha Lagna, Achyutananda

November 19 2006 : 0262 Janaka Sadakshara samskara, 0263 Janaka Sadakshara Samskara, Jyotir Lingam mantras and usage, Houses from Arudha Lagna

5 November 2006 Venus mantras, 8th house, Study of Arudha Lagna

22 October 2006 Study of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Arudhapada chapter in verse for verse comparison to Jaimini Arudhapada chapter

October 8Saturn Mantras
Shani Mantras.pdf0194 before class talk0195 Intro0196 Saturn Remedy Philosophy0197 Aum Visnave Namah 10197 Aum Visnave Namah 20197 Aum Visnave Namah 30197 Aum Visnave Namah 40198 Saturn in Lagna0198 Saturn MK0199 art of mantra0200 art of mantra0201 graha mantra0202 Graha Shanti0202 Kali Mantra 22 syllable0202 Pisascha Badhaka0202 Sadi Sati Mantras0203 Chamakam0204 example chart_1 Stacy0204 example chart_ 2 Stacy0204 example chart_Jane 10204 example chart_Jane 2,

5 March 2006 Vedas, Vedanga, Panchanga

19 February 2006 Aditya Mantra Sadhana, Curses, Moola Dasa calculation, timing curses with Moola Dasa (handout)
(class not recorded)

5 Febuary 2006 Swapna Shastra (Vedic Dream Interpretation)

22 January 2006 AUM, D-60
012 UL question013 D-60014 Durga mantra015 Durga mantra016 AUM017 AUMRishis of the Big Dipper (HW reading), 018 sudden death020 class021 D60022 D60023 D60025 D60026 D60027 D60028 D60029030031032033034

8 January 2006 Argalaa
2006-01-8_01_letters2006-01-8_02_letters2006-01-8_03_bijas2006-01-8_04_Durgamantra2006-01-8_05_Durgamantra2006-01-8_06_ArgalaAmma’s chart.jhd2006-01-8_07_Argala2006-01-8_08_Argala2006-01-8_09_Argala2006-01-8_10_Argala2006-01-8_11_Argala2006-01-8_12_Argala2006-01-8_13_Argala2006-01-8_14_Argala2006-01-8_15_Argala2006-01-8_16_Argala2006-01-8_17_Argala

18 November 2005 Sanskrit (handout), Karakamsa Introduction
2005-12-18 01 Achyutas words2005-12-18 02 beginner Sanskrit2005-12-18 03 beginner Sanskrit2005-12-18 04 beginner Sanskrit2005-12-18 05 karakamsa signs2005-12-18 06 karakamsa planets2005-12-18 07 karakamsa yogas2005-12-18 08 break discussion2005-12-18 09 karakamsa houses 2 32005-12-18 10 karakamsa houses 4 5 6 72005-12-18 11 karakamsa houses 8 92005-12-18 12 karakamsa houses2005-12-18 13 karakamsa, 2005-12-18 14 karakamsa remedy

4 December 2005 Sanskrit alphabet (handout), Special ascendants with focus on Yogada (handout) and Arudhas

20 November 2005 Gem Therapy and House/graha strengths (class un-edited)

6 November 2005 Bhavas (class not recorded)

23 October 2005 Panchanga (recording lost)

9 October 2005 Karakas (handout), bhadak/bhadakesh and remedies
2005-10-09 01 prayer2005-10-09 02 Mission2005-10-09 03 Mission2005-10-09 04 Mission2005-10-09 05 Karaka2005-10-09 06 Karaka2005-10-09 07 Karakas2005-10-09 08 Karakas/Bhadaka, 2005-10-09 09 Bhadaka, 2005-10-09 10 Bhadaka, 2005-10-09 11 Bhadaka Remedies

25 September 2005 Chakras, Ishta and other devattas calculated from Navamsa
Handout2005-9-25 01 chakras2005-9-25 02 chakras2005-9-25 03 chakras2005-9-25 04 Ishta2005-9-25 05 Ishta2005-9-25 06 Ishta2005-9-25 07 Ishta2005-9-25 08 Ishta2005-9-25 09 Ishta2005-9-25 10 Ishta

Also see the Science of Light Youtube

2005 September: Opening Lecture for Vyasa SJC by Sanjay Rath

The Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) is a traditional school of Vedic astrology that meets informally for the study of Vedic philosophy and Jyotish. The Vyasa SJC is a collection of California SJC students.

The opening lecture of Vyasa SJC California was taught by Paramguru Pandit Sanjay Rath of Puri Orissa. Listen or download the audio recordings or read the transcription of the opening class here.

01 Intro to the Lineage
02 Hare Rama Krsna
03 Guna Introduction
04 Creation according to Parashara
05 Bhu Loka, Atma
06 Avatars
07 Matsya
08 Sukara, Brith, Pranapada
09 Vamana
10 Parasurama
11 Ramakrsna
12 Kurma
13 Narasimha, Veda Murtis
14 Buddha, Kalki
15 Four Paramatmamsa Avatars
16 Intro to Gunas
17 Gunas and Grahas/Rasis
18 Four types of Guna, Uttama
19 Madhyama, Adhana, Udasina
20 Dynamic Gunas
21 Guna and Varnada Lagna
22 Upaya
23 Mantra Shastra

Recorded and Edited by Eric Rosenbush
Transcription by Kathy Hansen (#01-13), and Sue Ann McKean (#16-22)