Welcome, this page is for those who have purchased a copy of Science of Light. These materials are to deepen your experience of Vedic astrology and help you integrate the information. Some chapters have small MP3 lessons from May 2007, more practice exercises, additional PDF materials to go deeper into the particular topic. There are also MP3’s of mantras made by one of my Sanskrit teachers which is enunciated clearly and slowly to aid in proper pronunciation and practice. Note: These are old recordings. Presently there is the 6 week Introduction Course which is intended to introduce a student to the Science of Light material, and does so in a very individualized manner. These courses run regularly through out the year. 

Introduction: 00 How is this book different than others, 01 Introduction to the BPHS,Dedication (p.vii): Brhaspati mantra offered to Jagannath Rath, JyotiBrahma Mantra offered to Jagannath Rath, Ganesh mantra (p.ix), Ganesh mantra practice
Chapter One: Introduction to Vedic Astrology 03 Perspective from Earth, 03.2 Question, 04 planet intro, 05 planets, 06 planets, 07 Houses, 07.2 Question08 Signs, 08.2 Question, For the next file please sit comfortably and shut your eyes for 09 Meditation, 09.2 Question, 10 Astronomy, 10.2 Question, 11 Time, 12 Lunar CyclesTo get the most out of this book, please practice the exercises given in #12 for some time and memorize the new Sanskrit terms in this chapter before continuing.
Chapter Two: Vedic Foundations 13 Introduction to Vedas , 14 Intro to Vedas, 14.5 Intro to Vedas, 15 four parts of the Vedas, 15.2 Question, 15.3 Question, 16 Purpose of Jyotish, 16.2 Question, 17 Vedanga, 17.2 Vedanga, 17.3 Vedanga, 18 Upanga, 19 Additonal Upanga, 20 Question and summary, 21 three Skandas, 21.2 Question, 22 limbs of Jyotish, 23 karma theory, 24 conclusion, 24.2 QuestionMahavakya pronuciation (p31), Gayatri mantra (p.33), Gayatri ghanapathah (p.34), Before proceeding: -memorize the fourteen abodes of knowledge and be able to define each -make sure you understand, “What is the purpose of the Vedas,” and how this reveals the purpose of Vedic Astrology on various levels
Chapter Three: Grahas (Planets) 25 grahas intro, 26 karakas, 27 five elements, 28 Gunas, 29 Varna, 30 Natural significations, 31 Sun, 32 Moon, 33 Rahu and Ketu, 34 planetary status, 35 planetary attributes, 36 types of karakas, 36.2 Question