Uprading the quality of the astrologer

This course is aimed at gaining skills for giving a Vedic Astrology Consultation in the modern world.
This is presently only for advanced students of Science of Light.


-Scheduling clients, payments, cancellations, no-shows, and how to deal with client issues in these areas

-Unconditional-positive-regard in Vedic and modern literature
-Addressing our own belief systems to be clear with our clients
-creating a safe container for discussion of sensitive topics

-Use of professional phone, e-mail, and online platforms
-Webpages and social media
-How do you relate to clients and separate personal life

-Differentiating Astrological advice and Psychological Advice
-Counceling skills
-How to be with clients in sensitive times- divorce, death, anxiety, suicidality
-Building referrals networks

-Legalities about medical and financial advice
-Disclaimers and insurance
-Scope of Practice and proper terminology

-Projection, defense mechanisms
-Client idealization and making sure limitations are understood
-how to handle clients with personality disorders

-Ethical dilemmas and how to make good decisions
-Learning the logic to think through what you will and will not discuss
-Also please visit our Ethics Discussion group called Jyotiṣa Nīti Saṅgha.