This quarter deals with basic concepts but with definitions unique to Jaimini.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
4.1. 1 Physical body shown by stronger of lagna or Sun. N/A
4.1. 2 Heart is seen from the 7th houses form lagna or Mo, whichever is stronger (most give 4th, but key is Su, 7th and 7th from Mo should be good for health/longevity). N/A This along with signs from Mo given below are unique to Jaimini, BPHS reference given for comparison.
4.1. 3 Stronger between lagna and Mo sign will show the head. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Aries t (1st) shows head.
4.1. 4 Stronger between 2nd from lagna and Mo sign will show the face. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Taurus (2nd) shows face.
4.1. 5 Stronger between 3rd from ascendant and Mo sign will show the throat. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Gemini  (3rd) shows arms.
4.1. 6 Stronger between 4th from lagna and Mo sign will show the arms. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Cancer (4th) shows heart.
4.1. 7 Stronger between 5th from lagna and Mo sign will show the stomach. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Leo (5th) shows stomach.
4.1. 8 Stronger between 6th from lagna and Mo sign will show the loins. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Virgo (6th) shows hip.
4.1. 9 Stronger between 7th from lagna and Mo sign will show the back. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Libra (7th) shows area below navel.
4.1. 10 Stronger between 8th from lagna and Mo sign will show the groins ( anus, genitals, etc.) 4.4 -4.4 ½ Scorpio (8th) shows private areas.
4.1. 11 Stronger between the 9th from lagna and Mo sign will show the feet. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Sagittarius ( 9th) shows thighs.
4.1. 12 Stronger between 10th from lagna and Mo sign will show the eyes. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Capricorn (10th) shows the knees.
4.1. 13 Stronger between the 11th  & 3rd from lagna/Mo sign will show the ears. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Aquarius ( 11th) shows the ankles.
4.1. 14 Stronger between 12th from lagna and Mo sign shows the nose. 4.4 -4.4 ½ Pisces (12th shows the feet.
4.1. 15 In this manner the 12 houses show the body parts 4.4 -4.4 ½ Jaimini has put thighs, knees, shanks, and feet in 9th while other put over 9-12 and heart in 7th/arms in 4th instead of 3rd.
4.1. 16 Strength and development of a part depends on strength of sign representing it. N/A This and next two śloka can be deduced from general strength rules.
4.1. 17 Weaker of 2 signs representing the body part, if afflicted by malefics will damage it ( thus stronger of 2 houses form lagna/Mo does not have final say). N/A
4.1. 18 Weaker of the 2 signs showing body part is strengthened by benefic aspects. N/A
4.1. 19 Development of parts of the fetus can be seen on above basis from ādhāna lagna. N/A
4.1. 20 Birth chart will give the details of the body parts. N/A
4.1. 21 If PK or MK are in visible signs(7-12) from lagna/Sun the bodily defects come after birth (by extension if invisible no defects shown). N/A
4.1. 22 IF lagna/Sun is influenced by PK or MK the child is legitimate. N/A
4.1. 23 Otherwise the child is illegitimate or eunuch ( particularly I f Me influences and unless Ju does not conjoin influence the lagna/Su/Mo nor do these occupy a division of Ju). N/A
4.1. 24 In this manner judge strength of weakness of the houses including lagna. N/A
4.1. 25 Similar results to 2.1.23 come if the body ( lagna/Su) of its lord is in 6th form the karakas. N/A
4.1. 26 Profession is seen from sign occupied by lord of VL. 6.19 – 6.23 BPHS mainly gives effects of death from VL using śūla daśā, profession not mentioned.
4.1. 27 Brāhmins are shown by Ju/Mo and traders be Me/Ve. 3.21 Ju/Ve are Brahmins, Me/Mo are traders.
4.1. 28 Kshatriyas by Su/Ma. 3.21 Same.
4.1. 29 Śūdras by Sa. 3.21 Same.
4.1. 30 Ra shows foreigners/distant caste. 3.41 – 3.44 Ra is outcaste.
4.1. 31 Ke shows sweepers, garbage cleaners, etc (outcaste/ caṇḍāla). 3.41 – 3.44 Ke is mixed caste.
4.1. 32 The profession can also be seen from 11th from 1/7 of VL. N/A
4.1. 33 If VL is in 12th from lagna or Su the personal has bad attitudes and gains by loss of others ( criminal activity) N/A
4.1. 34 If VL is in 2nd from Lagna/Su and conjunction of malefics native has many beautiful women (this was socially acceptable back then and seen as a good thing). N/A
4.1. 35 If VL is in 3rd from Lagna/Su native is happy and contented. N/A
4.1. 36 IF all 6 planets from Su to Ve, influence the VL, native is very happy. N/A
4.1. 37 If Sa, RA, Ke influence VL, particularly in odd signs, native is unhappy and discontented. N/A
4.1. 38 If above planets are in 12,8,9 from VL native is happy like solar gods mitra and vāruṇa. N/A
4.1. 39 If above malefics are in 3rd native is emancipated. N/A
4.1. 40 If a benefic is in the 7th, native is always childish. N/A
4.1. 41 If prāṇapada (PP) is in Aries strength is indicated. 25.74 Parāśara says if prāṇapada is in ascendant native is emaciated, prone to disease, dumb, mentally weak, etc. ( some astrologers say Jaimini śloka is for this placement instead of Aries. No sense).
4.1. 42 Prāṇapada in Cancer gives poor longevity 25.77 PP in 4th native is happy, dear to friends, good hearted, etc.
4.1. 43 Prāṇapada in Aquarius gives sweet temper and charming manners 25.83 PP in 11th native is renowned, virtuous, learned, etc.
4.1. 44 Prāṇapada in Virgo gives rosy complexion. 25.79 PP in 6th subdued by enemies/relatives, defective digestive fire, etc.
4.1. 45 Prāṇapada in Leo gives a repulsive appearance. 25.78 PP in 5th is happy, good deeds, kind, fulfills desires.
4.1. 46 Prāṇapada in Sagittarius gives self-respect and honor. 25.82 PP in 9th gives sons and wealth, fortunate, skillful, etc.
4.1. 47 Prāṇapada in Aquarius can also show deceit and insincerity 9 (if afflicted by Malefics). 25.83 See above.
4.1. 48 If only benefics are in 3rd form prāṇapada the native is attached to father. 25.76 PP in 3rd is violent, proud, heard hearted, dirty, devoid of devotion to teachers.
4.1. 49 If only malefics are in 3rd from prāṇapada the native is attached to mother. N/A
4.1. 50 If both benefics and malefics are present in 3rd form prāṇapada native is attached to siblings. N/A
4.1. 51 If benefics in 3rd are aspected by malefics nor vice versa then native is neither attached to parents nor siblings. N/A
4.1. 52 In same way, sorrow is seen from 5th rom prāṇapada (malefics in 5th give sorrow). N/A
4.1. 53 If Mo and Ra influence this sorrow will surely happen. N/A
4.1. 54 If Mo + Ra influence 5th or 9th form lagna/AK native assumes nature of destroyer of all creation. N/A
4.1. 55 If Cancer aspects, or if Ra + Mo are in cancer then evil results will usually be contained. N/A
4.1.56 Jupiter aspecting 2,11,7 from lagna/karaka gives good longevity of a hundred years. N/A



Once again Jaimini takes up his hallmark considerations of death and birth calculations. Here we see him largely breaking away from BPHS and has little correlation with the teachings given there compared to earlier sections of his work.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
4.2.1 Stronger between the 9th from AL and A7 can be death inflictor. N/A
4.2.2 Trines to sign occupied by Rudra can also be death inflicting. N/A
4.2.3 If 8th house is strong it can cause death. 20.8 – 20.13 8L with malefic connection can cause death ( i.e. malefics are strong for death)
4.2.4 Comparing odd and even signs , odd signs are inherently stronger ( 4th source of strength). N/A
4.2.5 The sign looks in front ( ādarsa/ sammukha/facial aspect). See stanza 2.3.2 N/A
4.2.6 The aspect of the sign to signs other than the abhimukha is mild (i.e. Aries to Scorpio is strong, but Leo/Aq weaker) N/A
4.2.7 If Me/Ve are in Ca/Aq in 10/8 then protruding teeth with exposed lips, closely spaced teeth are indicated. N/A
4.2.8 If Me/Ve are in Ge/Sag in 3/6 deformities mentioned will not occur. 80.37 These planets/sign rulers shown to give good as Mo, Me, Ve endows children with good qualities and Ju in lagna gives children, satisfaction, wealth, etc.
4.2.9 The lord of the 3rd from ādhāna lagna in 1,3,8 indicates twins. N/A
4.2.10 -4.2.11 If , in this combo, 3L is weak, twins will be safely delivered. IF LL is weak likelihood of miscarriage. N/A
4.2.12 If 8th from lagna/AK is weak delivery occurs a month earlier. N/A
4.2.13 If benefics are in the 8th in strength, then premature delivery will occur. N/A
4.2.14 If both benefics and malefic influence 8th, delivery is in normal period. N/A
4.2.15 If malefics are in 8th or 8th is strong, pregnancy is delayed. N/A
4.2.16 – 4.2.17 2nd and 9th in strength ensure normal delivery in months. N/A
4.2.18 Mo + Ju in 11,9,10,or 3rd in strength ensures normal delivery time. N/A
4.2.19 Ju + Mo in 5th show opposite results. N/A
4.2.20 Determine stronger of 6th from ādhāna lagna and its 7th. N/A
4.2.21 Deduct longitude of 6th from HL, resultant sign is śodhya rāśi. N/A
4.2.22 Resultant sign or its trines, or trines to its 7th, or signs of uccha/nīca of its lord will be Sun sign of birth. N/A
4.2.23 If two or more signs indicate the probably month of birth, strongest prevails. N/A
4.2.24 If Ra + Ma are together in quadrants, trines, or upachaya ( from the Śodhya Rāśi) an invalid child or one with damaged knees will be born. N/A
4.2.25 If Ra is alone in 2nd it can cause miscarriage. N/A
4.2.26 If Ma aspects Ra in 2nd this will surely occur. N/A
4.2.27 Sa in 2nd or trines influenced by Jupiter, child is to be discarded in holy waters ( could mean birth of dead child) N/A
4.2.28 If Sa influencing Ju is in the 6th or 8th from AL/AK then also results of previous stanza are same. N/A
4.2.29 IF SA is with benefics or in beneficial vargas ( divisions) the evil indicated in previous stanza will be reduced. N/A
4.2.30 Else, the malefic results prevail. N/A
4.2.31 The signs in 5th or 12th could be ascendant at birth. N/A
4.2.32 Ādhāna lagna and sign occupied by AK cannot be the birth lagna. N/A
4.2.33 The 8th if strong and occupied by the moon can be birth lagna/AK. N/A
4.2.34 If Mo in 4th s in friendly sign or lagna, these signs can be birth lagna. N/A
4.2.35 If Mo aspects the 8th or 11th from ādhāna lagna, these can also be birth lagna. N/A
4.2.36 If lord of ādhāna lagna aspects 8/11 child will be diseased. N/A
4.2.37 Poverty is indicated by 9L aspecting 8/11 houses. N/A
4.2.38 A spendthrift is indicated by 111L aspecting 8/11 houses. N/A
4.2.39 A conscientious worker is indicated by 12L aspecting 11/8. N/A
4.2.40 A healthy child is indicated by 9L aspecting 11/8 house. N/A
4.2.41 A strong child is indicated by 5L aspecting 11/8 houses. N/A
4.2.42 A happy child is shown by 4L aspecting 11/8. N/A
4.2.43 3L aspecting 11/8 life/fortunes are ruined. N/A
4.2.44 2L aspecting 8/11 child is handsome. N/A
4.2.45 If all planets aspect 8/11 child is very strong. N/A
4.2.46 Aspects in stanza 36-45 should also be seen on 2/4. N/A
4.2.47 Aspects in stanzas 36-45 should also be seen on VL and AL and their trines. N/A
4.2.48 Aspects in 36-45 should also be seen on Venus. N/A
4.2.49 If benefics in friendly signs are in trines to the VL, AL, or Ve native is on the path of liberation/righteous disposition. N/A
4.2.50 If benefics are in quadrants/trines with kāla bala, native is on the path of emancipation/moksha. N/A



This is an extensive look at details of varṇada daśā and impact on divisions/houses with lots of female horoscopy and pregnancy details once again. While there is some connections with the alternate ascendants defined in BPHS, we see the trend started previously in Jaimini largely going into his own detailed teachings and shows a marked move away from earlier chapters that were largely in line and derived from BPHS.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
4.3.1 If Me and Ve are in even signs in conception chart a female is shown. N/A
4.3.2 Determination of birth time is on basis of lagna, etc. at conception. 4.25 – 4.30 Niṣeka lagna is determined from birth ascendant, seems reversed from this translation.
4.3.3 – 4.3.5 Degrees, minutes, seconds of lagna are converted into time equivalents to determine time of birth (more notes in Rath) N/A See above.
4.3.6 2,4, etc. even numbers can be subtracted or added to birth time (in hours). This is used if coitus time is no accurately noted. N/A See above.
4.3.7 Divide final time gotten by 9 and obtain remainder. N/A See above.
4.3.8 If remainder has a fraction it is increased to next higher integer. N/A See above.
4.3.9 Counting planets (weekday then Ra, Ke) the sex, complexion, etc. of child is known. N/A
4.3.10 If planet in preceding stanza is male, child is such (Su, Ma, Ju, Ra). 3.19 Su/Ma/Ju are males ( no Ra)
4.3.11 If not female is born. 3.19 Me/Ve are female
4.3.12 Me/Sa give eunuch ( only if such combinations are present in conception chart). 3.19 Sa/Me are neuters.
4.3.13 Similarly (from birth time, lagna, HL can be computed and) for determining VL, count zodiacally form Aries to lagna/HL if it is an odd sign. 5.13 – 5.16 For VL, odd signs count direct from Aries to lagna (also from HL). BPHS adds more details as well
4.3.14 If lagna/HL is in even sign, count in reverse from Pisces to it (many notes given in Rath) 5.13 – 5.16 If natal ascendant even sign count from Pisces to natal lagna in reverse order ( also from HL)
4.3.15 Varṇada daśā is the signs ( in years) from the lagna ( and other houses) to the VL ( and other varṇadas) 5.17 – 5.18 Parāśara says lagna and HL will start varṇada daśā, etc. BPHS also gives more details on these calculations and above as well.
4.3.16 The daśā start from the stronger between lagna and HL and follows order of the paryāya daśā. 5.17 – 5.18 Same.
4.3.17 The looks (including complexion, health, etc.) and longevity( and other  evils) are seen from varṇada daśā. 5.19 – 5.23 Parāśara talks of this under śloka 5.13-26 with malefic in trines to VL terminate life up to daśā of sign occupied by it. Śūla daśā also 7th from VL for spouses longevity, 11th for elder brothers, etc. for other family members. Complexion not mentioned.
4.3.18 Strongest planet influencing D9 lagna will show complexion. N/A
4.3.19 -4.3.21 Su/Ma show reddish color; Me/Ve are dark (brown, etc.), and others are black. ( a stanza missing showing Ju/Mo as having fair complexion) 3.16 – 3.17 Su/Ma blood red, Me – grass, Ve – variegated, Ju/Mo – tawny, Sa – Black.
4.3.22 The prāṇapada traverses 1/3 of the zodiac as the lagna traverses a sign and is added to the Sun’s longitude on the basic of 3 divisions – moveable, fixed, and dual. 3.71 – 3.74 BPHS give PP calculation though seems to be different as BPHS gives more details not given by Jaimini.
4.3.23 The duration of the day is taken as 60 ghaṭikās to fix the GL ( and iṣṭa ghati) 6.6 – 6.8  BPHS gives more details than Jaimini.
4.3.24 The bhāva lagna ( also called aṁśa lagna) is 5 ghaṭikās. 6.2 – 6.3 BPHS gives more details than Jaimini.
4.3.25 The vighaṭikā lagna is obtained by increasing ghatikas 5 times and expunging multiples of 12 signs. 6.4 – 6.5 This calculation not given by BPHS, who includes HL.
4.3.26 – 4.3.27 If the special ascendants are in odd signs the child is male and if in even signs child is female. N/A
4.3.28 If they are in both odd/even the child could be either. N/A
4.3.29 Similar deduction of sex can be done 5th from VL. 6.19 – 6.23 Child can be seen 5th from VL.
4.3.30 The lagna at time of delivery could be HL. N/A
4.3.31 If Mo + Ra conjoin HL a female child is expected. N/A
4.3.32 If male planets conjoin HL the child will be male. N/A
4.3.33 If Sa + Ma a male is indicated. N/A
4.3.34 If Sa + Me a female is indicated. N/A
4.3.35 If Sa + Mo a hunch back is indicated. N/A
4.3.36 If Sa + Ve a beautiful female is indicated. N/A
4.3.37 If Sa + Ke an adulteress is indicated. N/A
4.3.38 If Sa + Ke are also in D9 of mercury, a prostitute/loose morals is shown. N/A
4.3.39 If Sa + Ve conjoin HL passionate and adept at sex. N/A
4.3.40 Stanzas from 31-39 also apply in divisional charts. N/A
4.3.41 If Me + Ve ( conjoin HL) sexual desire is not satisfied by spouse and others will be resorted to. N/A
4.3.42 If planets in previous stanza are in D9 of Ke, sexual satisfaction does not come from spouse resulting in extramarital relations. N/A
4.3.43 Other planets indicate hidden relationships/desires. N/A
4.3.44 The HL in D9 of Ke influenced by Me + Mo shows relations without regard to caste/class. N/A
4.3.45 If malefics aspect this, native is completely characterless. N/A
4.3.46 Malefics in strength in the 3rd and 6th indicate widow hood. N/A
4.3.47 -4.3.48 If Ma/Ke influence 2/6 the native kills the spouse. N/A
4.3.49 Same results occur when Ma + ke are in same D9. N/A
4.3.50 If this evil indication is in odd signs, native kills spouse and in even signs takes help of others (benefics can curb killing, but still violent). N/A
4.3.51 If Ma + Ke conjoin / aspect 12th result is opposite and native may be killed by spouse. N/A
4.3.52 If Ma/KE is nīca and weak in ṣaḍvarga, native gets killed instead of spouse. N/A
4.3.53 Beauty is seen form 5th house ( in addition to 1st) N/A
4.3.54 If Mo is in 2nd in D9, Me + Ve in 3rd, native is brilliant ( Me writers, Ve artists, etc.). N/A
4.3.55 If Ke is 2nd form D9 lagna or in lagna native has foul odor. N/A
4.3.56 If Su aspects lagna/2nd in D0 the teeth are deformed. N/A
4.3.57 If Ma aspects d9 lagna/2nd native is short tempered. N/A
4.3.58 Malefics influencing D9 lagna/2nd give bad/lowly qualities. N/A
4.3.59 Benefics influencing D9 lagna/2nd give gentle good qualities. ( lagna intrinsic nature, 2nd moral fiber). N/A
4.3.60 – 4.3.61 Malefics cause one to be evil ( ascendant) and to do evil (2nd) while benefics give good nature/character. N/A
4.3.62 If both benefics and malefics results are moderate. N/A
4.3.63 Similarly planets in 3/6 will be half as strong to indicate benefic/malefic results. N/A
4.3.64 Planets/signs in trines from 3/6 will influence these. N/A
4.3.65 Planets in 12th give contrary results. N/A
4.3.66 Malefics in 8th and 2nd will give favorable results. N/A
4.3.67 Similarly benefics or both ben/mal decide favorable results that will accrue. N/A
4.3.68 These results should be studied from the varṇada of the 6th ( and varṇada daśā) N/A
4.3.69 Results of the D9 lagna being in different houses from birth ascendant is now explained. N/A
4.3.70 If D9 lagna is in sign 12, native is a wretch with lowly thoughts. N/A
4.3.71 If D9 lagna is in sign 9th native is passionate and lustful. N/A
4.3.72 If D9 lagna is in sign in 11th native is liberated from the cycle of rebirth ( more god fearing, this is strong statement). N/A
4.3.73 If D9 lagna is in 7th, native is sinful ( more notes given by Rath on principles underlying all this here). N/A
4.3.74 If lagna is in D9 of the Sun, native becomes widow early. N/A
4.3.75 If Su is in trines to D9 lagna same can be predicted. N/A
4.3.76 If Mo is in 3rd form D9 lagna or its trines early widow hood may be caused. N/A
4.3.77 -4.3.78 If Ma is in trines to the Mo or D9 lagna, she will be ugly and have a temper. N/A
4.3.79 If Me is in trines to D9 lagna/Mo she will be barren. N/A
4.3.80 If Ju I sin trines to Me in D9 native is chaste and devoted to spouse. N/A
4.3.81 If Ju I sin trines to D9 lagna, native is also chaste. N/A
4.3.82 – 4.3.83 If Ve is in trines to D9 lagna, or Mo, ative is bringer of God fortune. N/A
4.3.84 – 4.3.85 If Sa is in trines to D9 lagna ( or Mo) native is passionate ( if female she is masculine) N/A
4.3.86 If Ra is in trines to D9 lagna ( or Mo) native is engaged in many activities and is self-conceited. N/A
4.3.87 -4.3.88 If Ke is in trines to D9 Lagna ( or Mo) native is base. N/A
4.3.89 Results applicable from VL as well. N/A
4.3. 90 Malefic results should be seen from varṇada of the 6th. N/A
4.3.91 Evil results will happen during varṇada daśā of sign occupied by VL, in triṁśāmśa. N/A
4.3.92 The signs in triṁśāmśa having VL or its trines with malefic can be death inflicting. N/A
4.3.93 The signs in triṁśāmśa chart in trines to 12th from triṁśāmśa karaka/lagna can be death inflicting ( 12 from carakāraka and its trines in triṁśāmśa can also cause death/evils). N/A
4.3.94 The strength of the planets in the divisional chart are to be considered independently. N/A
4.3.95 The Su sign and Ve shall rule first month of pregnancy. N/A
4.3.96 2nd from Su and Mo rule next month. N/A
4.3.97 3rd from Su + MA rule next month. N/A
4.3.98 4th from Su + Me rule next month. N/A
4.3.99 5th from Su & Ju rule next month. N/A
4.3.100 6th from Su & Sa rule next month. N/A
4.3.101 7th from Su & Ra rule next month. N/A
4.3.102 8th form Su & Ke rule next month. N/A
4.3.103 In this manner the ten houses from the Su rule 10 months while planet rule 8 months with exception of 2nd and 10th N/A
4.3.104 The 7th form ādhāna lagna & 2nd/7 from therefrom ( 8th) should be examined N/A
4.3.105 If benefics are influencing this they cause no danger to pregnancy. N/A
4.3.106 If both benefics and malefics influence some problems may come. N/A
4.3.107 If lords of the month of birth are in 10th or 12th or in trines to Me and afflicted, the body part indicated may be damaged/deformed. N/A
4.3.108 Planets placed in 12th and 8th form triṁśāmśa lagna can also indicate deformity/danger of miscarriage. N/A
4.3.109 Planets in 4/11 from triṁśāmśa lagna also show evil. N/A
4.3.110 Appearance and other details are seen form D9 lagna. N/A
4.3.111 If Ra or Ke is in D9 lagna there will be some blockage or obstruction during pregnancy. N/A
4.3.112 If D9 lagna is vargottama the obstruction occurs at time of delivery. N/A
4.3.113 If planets are strong in D9 lagna, delivery is difficult requiring medical aid. N/A
4.3.114 If D9 lagna is in 4th or 6th from ādhāna lagna, delivery is difficult requiring medical intervention. N/A
4.3.115 If D9 lagna is in 7, 10, 5th delivery requires considerable effort. N/A
4.3.116 Similar results of D9 lagna should be seen from D9 of the moon. N/A
4.3.117 If the Mo is in D9 of the 3rd or 10th sign from it there is danger to mothers life. N/A
4.3.118 The counting of houses is zodiacal from the 2 even signs Taurus Scorpio (they are vimṣapada)and reverse for the two odd signs Leo/Aq ( they are samapada) N/A
4.3.119 This method of counting ( on moon sign being vimṣa/samapada) should be used for determining 3/10 house referred to in stanza 4.3.117 N/A
4.3.120 If 3/10 are strong a male child will be born. N/A
4.3.121 If 3/10 are weak a female child will be born. N/A
4.3.122 The looks and sex of the child is also seen form Ju and the Su. N/A
4.3.123 Similarly determine look/sex from ādhāna lagna. N/A



This section primarily deals with conception again as well as the sexual act itself and concludes the work, once again continuing Jaimini’s refinement of BPHS principles on his own select topics as there is almost no direct correlation at all in this chapter.

Sutra Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
4.4.1 Possibility of children seen from 5/9. 16.1 – 16.3 Focus is on the 5th for children though śloka 16.7 also references 9l in 5th giving children and overcoming difficulties suggesting some connections.
4.4.2 Benefics in trines and quadrants to 5th, placed in beneficial vargas give children. 16.1 – 16.3 5L in trines/kendra gives children but if 5l is weak, with malefics, nīca, etc. does not.
4.4.3 If Su, Ma, Sa are so placed they will give suns. N/A
4.4.4 If Mo, Me so placed they give daughters. N/A
4.4.5 Planets influencing the 5th or 5L will also indicate children ( ability to have is 5th, # of children from planets with 5L). 16.1- 16.3 See above
4.4.6 Similarly draw a chart from first menstruation to judge children, spouse, widowhood, etc. (can study this like natal chart to see how native has progressed). N/A
4.4.7 A malefic in the 8th indicates widowhood. If other malefics also aspect this widowhood is sure to occur. 80.54 Opposite dictum given where benefic in the 8th w/o malefic aspect and husband dies first.
4.4.8 If malefic in 8th is exalted, she becomes a widow late in life. N/A May be related to 80.54
4.4.9 If malefic in 8th is nīca, she becomes widow early. N/A May be related to 80.54
4.4.10 If malefic in 8th is neither uccha or nīca or mixed, she becomes widow in middle age. N/A May be related to 80.54
4.4.11 If Mo & Ma aspect 8th she will surely become a widow. 80.47 Ma in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 with no benefic aspect gives widowhood ( emphasizes Mars influence on this).
4.4.12 If 10th from here indicates female a daughter is born. N/A
4.4.13 If malefic are in 11/3 she will still have the child. N/A
4.4.14 Malefics influencing the 7th show the couple will make love like animals. N/A
4.4.15 Metals in the surrounding, color of place, complexion/caste, are seen from 7th house (describing place of mating). N/A
4.4.16 Signs aspecting the 7th (if stronger) can describe the nature of sex act or person by whom lady is impregnated. N/A
4.4.17 If planet in 7th is exalted or in own D9, or if 7th has beneficial navāṁśa the sex act was normal. N/A
4.4.18 If planet is in 1st decante the sex act was like animals. N/A
4.4.19 If planet is in middle decanate, sex act was normal. N/A
4.4.20 If planet is in 3rd decanate sex act is like insect ( these also apply to natal charts) N/A
4.4.21 If both benefics are present the mating place was decent. N/A
4.4.22 If Su & Ve are in 7th mating was illegal/immoral. N/A
4.4.23 If others are in the 7th the sex is neither illegal or immoral. N/A
4.4.24 Ke is a benefic for this purpose. N/A
4.4.25 However malefic influence on 7th could indicate otherwise. N/A
4.4.26 -4.4.27 Su, Ra, Ve, Ju influencing 7th indicates fruitful copulation. N/A
4.4.28 This should also be seen from the Mo sign. N/A
4.4.29 These planets/ 7th in D9 of Jupiter or AK also show conception. N/A
4.4.30 These planets in own D9 or those of Mars or in Pisces D9 conception is likely. N/A
4.4.31 If the full Mo is sandwiched between Ra & Ma in a sign then conception is likely. N/A
4.4.32 Mo in beneficial division or with good aspects shows conception. N/A
4.4.33 Mo in D9 of friends shows possibility of conception. N/A
4.4.34 -4.4.35 Mo in 1st, 4, 8 houses both in rāśi or D9 shows likelihood of conception. N/A
4.4.36 Individual pregnancies are seen after every two signs. N/A
4.4.37 Sex of the child as male/female are seen from these houses. N/A
4.4.38 -4.4.39 Birth of children I seen from Me/Ke or from 9th house form lagna/Mo. N/A
4.4.40 Birth of children also seen form lords of lagna or 3rd. N/A

FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS: As noted before BPHS covers many topics not covered in Jaimini and were not referenced if they did not connect to Jaimini in some way. This includes numerous sections such as chapters describing philosophical underpinning of the creation, avatars, many details on the planet and sign definitions, finding planetary positions, surroundings at time of birth, various effects of house and house lords (which Parāśara seems to emphasize more than Jaimini), ṣaḍvarga, avasthā of planets, aṣṭakavarga system, planetary rays, sudarṣana cakra, results of pancamahapuruśa-elements-gunas, lost horoscopy, conditions for asceticism, notes on body markings and body parts, curses from previous births, flaws in times, and remedial measures. Please see relevant chapters there for more information.