This section introduces uses of Raja Yoga and while starts off identical to BPHS, quickly condenses and gives some variations on themes outlined in BPHS which has a vast amount of variations on all these placements throughout the chapters on raj, royal association, and wealth yogas.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
3.1.1 Rājayoga from conjunction of AK and PiK or lords of 1 and 5. 39.3 – 39.5 Same. Kārakāṁśa lagna mentioned which involves AK in D9 mentioned in next stanza by Jaimini.
3.1.2 If these planets are nīca/uccha or conjoining/aspecting the D9 lagna or in aspect to each other and/or only aspected by benefics mahārāj yoga is formed. 39.6 – 39.7 Same.
3.1.3 If one of these yogas is in 1/7 the fortune will come late in life. 39.8 BPHS mentions 9L and 7th house placements related to this though seems to differ from Jaimini.
3.1.4 If one of these yogas in in 1/7 the fortune is away from birth place (Rath Note: this happens in 7,9,12 houses not 1st necessarily). 39.8 See above
N/A 39.9 Parāśara adds a śloka here, mentions benefics in 2,4,5 and malefics in 3,6 helping the rāj yoga reminding us to apply argalā to the situation.
3.1.5 If Mo and Ve conjoin/aspect the places mentioned conveyances are had. 39.10 Slight variation here, if Ve is in kārakāṁśa, 5th, lagna, AL with influence of Jupiter or Moon native will be related to royal circles.
While the intro sets up some connection between the texts, we see a big divergence here in application as BPHS goes into specifics Jaimini does not.
3.1.6 If the rājayoga is conjoined Sa or Ke, elephants and horse promised. (only use this for rājyogas) N/A
3.1.7 If Ve, Ma, Ke join/aspect the AK or lagna, 2nd or 4th rājyoga occurs. Health, wealth happiness are promised. 39.17 Rath notes this śloka from Parāśara connected here, which deviates a bit saying lagna,2,4 has benefics or 3,6 malefics makes one a king.
3.1.8 If lords of the ascendant, 7th, and 9th houses conjoin or mutually aspect rājyoga occurs. ( self, partner, fortune) 39.8 This seems another slight variation as BPHS says 9L, AK, in lagna,5th,7th from lagna or kārakāṁśa in conjunction or aspected by benefic give rājyoga.  39.33 – 39.44 has similar connections.
3.1.9 If these rājyogas in previous stanzas occur in 1/7 they happen late in life. N/A
3.1.10 If they occur in 2/4 they happen early in life. N/A
3.1.11 If 2/12 have equal # of benefics rājyoga occurs.(Rath note malefics give imprisonment) N/A
3.1.12 Ju and Mo in 1 & 9 or 1 & 7 aspected by benefics produces an institutional head or overlord of villages. 39.11 We see some variation of this with Ve in lagna, kārakāṁśa, AL, or 5th there from with Ju + Mo influence gives association with royal circles.
3.1.13 Me and Ju conjoining/aspecting the 2nd house produces the head of a princely state. 39.18 Variation here with Ju, Me, Ve, or Mo exalted in 2nd native will be endowed with wealth.
3.1.14 Lord of the 2nd house nīca/uccha in 1/7 native is wealthy. N/A Seems to be a combination of above śloka along with others that state nīca planets can give wealth.
3.1.15 If Mo and Ve join/aspect 2 or 8, native is wealthy. N/A See 39.18 for possible variation.
3.1.16 If the 2nd house/lord occupies beneficial vargas the native is wealthy. N/A See 39.18 for possible variation.
3.1.17 If Mo is in 4th or 11th form Jupiter, native is wealthy. N/A Possible variation in 39.41 where Ve + Mo in 3-11 and mutually aspect each other here or elsewhere native is wealthy.
3.1.18 If Mo is in 11, Ju in 10, and natural benefic or 9L in 9th raja yoga is formed. N/A This along with others all seem some variation of principles laid out in BPHS with slight modifications.
3.1.19 Rājyoga also produced if Mo, Ju, and 9L are in 5 or 7. 39.8 This seems another slight variation as BPHS says 9L, AK, in lagna,5th, 7th from lagna or kārakāṁśa in conjunction or aspected by benefic give rājyoga.  39.33 – 39.44 has similar connections.
3.1.20 Rājyogas explained in previous stanzas are to be studied form D9 and drekkāṇa charts as well. 39.25 Gives reference to studying aspects on D9 and drekkāṇa lagna.
3.1.21 Ju and Mo conjoined in 1 or 7 and influenced by benefics gives a great personality. 40.10 Gives several similar dictums such as here where AK with benefic influence in 5, 7, 9,10 and native earns through royal patronage. Jaimini stresses 7th however.
3.1.22 Mo in 7th aspected by benefics also gives a great person. N/A See 40.10
3.1.23 Even if 1/7 is aspected by benefics w/o malefic aspects greatness/fame is promised. N/A See 40.10
3.1.24 If benefics influence the 2nd, the native is in service of the government/large institutions. 39.18 Variation here with Ju, Me, Ve, or Mo exalted in 2nd native will be endowed with wealth.
3.1.25 If quadrants & trines are devoid of benefic influence service should be predicated. 40.10 Jaimini states the opposite of what BPHS is teaching in numerous places which emphasizes quadrant/trinal lords giving raj yoga, such as here where AK with benefics in 5,7,10,9 gives royal patronage and hence opposite ( service) can be predicted otherwise.
3.1.26 If AK or other benefics conjoin D9 lagna native comes from a noble family. (Rath note: at least 2 planets other than AK in D9 lagna make him chief of a number of villages) 39.13 – 39.14 BPHS only mentions same planets influencing lagna in ṣaḍvarga giving rājyoga and shows some variation on this theme.
3.1.27 If the planet aspecting the lagna in raśī or D9 is in exalted navāṁśa, then native also from noble family. N/A See 39.13 – 39.14
3.1.28 Even if previous planets are malefics native still belongs to a noble family. N/A See 39.13 – 39.14
3.1.29 If the 9th from D5 lagna or AL has beneficial conjunctions native achieves status equal to a king. N/A Jaimini gives a hint to see D5, which BPHS does not define, though BPHS uses GL, BL, HL in reference to rājyogas that Jaimini omits.
3.1.30 From AK, 1st and 5th describe symbols used by the king government.  ( AK= ruler and sign occupied by it inD1/5 describes symbols of head of state. Ke is flags and should be examined also) N/A More emphasis given to 5th once again, hinting at importance of GL as well for looking at power (since it is based on 5).



In this section we see even more death calculations from Jaimini. There seem to be some tenuous relationships to BPHS and the later part of the longevity/māraka chapters until Jaimini goes off into his own new methods entirely.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
3.2.1 Death is known from 1/8 houses from the concerned ascendant/house and karaka. This gives finer details to using stanza 2.3.18 to 2.3.25. * some authors treat this as separate longevity calculation. 43.33 – 43.40 These principles were previously touched on where longevity was considered form LL, 8l, Mo, Sa,& HL. Jaimini appears to be giving more details here. BPHS Chapter 19 on the effects of 8th house also gives some hints as well involving 8l, LL, and 8th house.
3.2.2 Death inflicting houses should be determined from the 1/7 form the bhāva or kāraka. 44.2 Possibly reference to the māraka planets which BPHS defines as 2nd and 7th lord.
3.2.3 If Ju is in a quadrant, aspected by Sa or Ma or if Sa is in the bhoga raśī of Ju, kakṣyā hrāsa or longevity reduction takes place. 43.48  Parāśara comments that if Jupiter is in 1-7 with benefics increases longevity, which is the complementary of Jaimini here. This is after defining Sa being yogakāraka as lowering longevity. Likewise 43.61 says Ju/Ve aspecting LL in angles gives long life.
3.2.4 The Mo in 8th or 12 causes reduction in longevity. 19.8 – 19.13 Mentions that 8l in 8th and Mo with malefic and no benefic aspect causes death within a month. Saturn is karaka for 8/12 showing Mo/Sa influence is not good for longevity.
3.2.5 This will not occur if 8/12 is Cancer. 43.55 We are given a hint in BPHS where lagna is Cancer with Ju/Mo along with other placements giving limitless longevity, showing auspiciousness of Cancer. This is reiterated in the yoga for living till the end of a yuga (43.57) with Cancer as lagna.
3.2.6 This reduction will not occur if 8th has exalted Mo. 43.64 A variation of this given that 8l or Sa in conjunction with exalted planet will give long live.
3.2.7 If Sa occupies 8th from lagna/karaka, death is in the first part of the longevity compartment (kakṣyā). 44.9 We see a tenuous link where Sa associating with māraka becomes māraka himself, before Parāśara details longevity compartments
3.2.8 If Ra occupies the 8th death is in the 2nd part of the kakṣyā. 9 (12-24 years for short, 48-60 middle, and 84-96 for long life). 44.22 – 22.24 After longevity compartments defined, we see Ra/Ke become māraka if in 1,7,8,12 or in 1/7 form māraka planet.
3.2.9 If Ke occupies 8th from lagna or karaka, death is in the 3rd part of kakṣyā. ( Rath Note: this follows viṁśottarī Yogi/Avayogi planets so Ma-Sa-Ve, Su-Ra-Me, and Mo-Ju-Ke form a group) 44.22 – 22.24 See above.
3.2.10 The death inflicting śūla daśā will be in trines to the fixed karaka or the Rudra ( 8L) 5.10 – 5.23 Mentions Rudra planet cause death affliction in conjunction with trines from varṇada lagna.
3.2.11 If both Lagna and Moon are in moveable signs, short life is given. (Note: this is 3rd method of longevity estimation after 2 in Chapter 2.1. Some put this with 2.1.5 of method 1 creating confusion between Jaimini/BPHS). Both factors here concern the head while previous concern 1/8 houses. N/A As Rath points out, this has seeming connections to previous results where Jaimini/BPHS coincide but really appears to be a unique method of calculation by Jaimini.
3.2.12 If both lagna/moon in fixed signs middle life is given. (this means 8th houses will be in dual signs) N/A
3.2.13 If both lagna/Mo are in dual signs long life is given ( both 8th houses in movable signs then) N/A
3.2.14 Hence by principle of exclusion moveable & fixed (long life), fixed and dual ( short life), and dual & moveable ( middle life) are understood. This means if one planet in each of these signs, the sign not included gives the longevity. N/A
3.2.15 Stanzas 3.2.11 to 3.2.14 are applicable to the lagna and Moon signs. N/A
3.2.16 If Sa is in these places kakṣyā hrāsa occurs. ( only applicable if Sa is not lord of lagna/Mo) N/A
3.2.17 If Sa is in 12, 4, or 6 from lagna/Mo then also kakṣyā hrāsa occurs. N/A
3.2.18 The longevity compartment reduction occurs form mid-life ( 36-72) to short life ( 0-36) or from long life ( 72-108) to mid-life (36-72). Short life can’t be reduced. N/A
3.2.19 If benefics aspect/conjoin lagna/Mo afflicted by Sa, the longevity reduction does not occur. N/A
3.2.20 Longevity is also from the signs occupied by lords of the lagna and 7th. ( this is second pair compared to lagna/moon) N/A Once again we see this is new longevity calculation added to above considerations
3.2.21 If longevity shown by the two parts is variant the 8th will be determinant. ( see both pairs lagna/Mo and LL/7L, if they are at variance see 8th form these signs and strongest will show longevity) N/A
3.2.22 Aspect of Sun adds strength to the signs. ( traditionally Ju and Sun give increase of life due to Shiva/strength associations) N/A
3.2.23 If both dwāra ( door) and bhāya ( exterior) signs are afflicted by malefics ( or owned) evil occurs and reduction of longevity ( by about 9 years). ( from rāśi daśā dwāra/bhāya seen from lagna and uḍu daśā these are seen from moon) N/A
3.2.24 If Mo is in dwāra or aspects it evils will not happen. ( unless Ma/Ve also afflict the sign) N/A
3.2.25 If only benefics conjoin/aspect bhāya signs, death will not occur and recovery can be expected. N/A
3.2.26 If malefics afflict daśā rāśi and 8th from it then death/disease can occur. N/A
3.2.27 Death could also occur in signs in trines to the 8th house or 8L. N/A
3.2.28 Death can also occur in the pādanadhaṁśa daśā of the 8th houses. This is a daśā of Navāṁśa examined exclusively. ( some authors interpret as navāṁśa daśa of 8th but this is already in 3.2.27) N/A
3.2.29 If the 8th house is occupied by Sa, it causes death. N/A
3.2.30 In case other planets are also there including benefics death should not be predicted. N/A
3.2.31 If the 8th form lagna/Mo or the 2/8th from AK is afflicted by malefics or Rudra it can cause death. N/A
3.2.32 The reduction in longevity ( in 3.2.23) can be up to 9 years. N/A
3.2.33 If Su or Ve is in the 8th house it causes death. N/A
3.2.34 Life starts from Brahma and ends at Maheśwara ( refers to Sthira and Brahmā daśā) N/A There seems to be a shift in Jaimini here to some more detailed/condensed principles as laid out in the daśā results chapters that follow longevity calculations in BPHS
3.2.35 Death can also occur during the navāṁśa dasha of the 2nd house. N/A
3.2.36 -3.2.37 If malefics afflict the 12th, 8th, 6th, or 3rd house from the 6th house or its lord, death occurs in their daśa. (note: The sixth house is used in Brahma dasha) N/A
3.2.38 If Sa, Ra & Mo conjoin death occurs in the daśa of the sign housing them. N/A
3.2.39 Death could also occur in trines to the sign housing them. N/A
3.2.40 – 3.2.41 If all malefics afflict the 8th or 12th from the lord of the 6th house, these houses cause death. N/A
3.2.42 Even then the sub period is that of the 6th house. N/A



Once again we see Jaimini roughly staying in line with a few slokas from the maraka chapter placements before showing some more variation on death calculations, which BPHS does not delve as deeply into. This chapter seems to be one of the most important due to sheer length as well as the numerology of 3.3.

3.3.1 Al and A7 are being considered. N/A
3.3.2 If 8th or its lord from AL/D7 is in moveable sign, death will occur in a distant place (fixed near home, dual is middling, fiery sign in east – watery North, Airy west, earth =south). 44.34 BPHS only mentions these indications from the 3rd house, which is a variation even though Jaimini moves to the 3rd house next while BPHS moves to the 8th house placement and indication after this sloka showing some mixed overlap.
3.3.3 If 3rd from Al/D7 is malefic a bad/unnatural death occurs. (Note: 2.2.12 is identical and advises 3rd from lagna, thus AL should be treated as lagna for most purposes). 2.2.13-14 can be extended here with benefic as normal and mixed as mixed results. 44.32 3rd house by a benefic indicates auspicious place of death, malefic opposite and mixed planets give mixed results.
3.3.4 If malefics are in 3rd the “king” shall be cause of death. See 2.2.15 to 2.2.29 for more specifics on various planets. 44.25 45.31 Parāśara gives indications of planets 3rd from lagna and I is Sun that gives death by the king.
3.3.5 8th house and 8th from it (3rd) from AL determine period place and nature of death. 44.35 – 44.36 8th house from lagna can show nature of death. BPHS gives correlations with planets which is absent here but expanded by Jaimini below.
3.3.6 3rd from 8th (10th) also indicates death. Hence 1,8,10 and their lords determine longevity and death. This is 4th method of longevity estimation given: If these lords are all strong and unassociated with Sa native has long life. If two middle, and one short life. Very short if all three are weak. 44.59 – 44.64 In Rath notes he says Parāśara says if lords of 1,8,10 and Sa in quadrants, trines, or 11th the native is long lived, however gives no śloka. In longevity chapter of BPHS, there is an emphasis on 1,8th, Sa with exalted planets and benefics in quadrants to help longevity though no mention of 10th, 11th or emphasis on trines.
3.3.7 3rd from the 3rd ( 5th) is also used to determine death. N/A Rath notes that Parāśara says lords of 1,5,8 placed in own navāṁśa, signs or friendly signs give long life, however gives no śloka and can’t be found in yoga chapters for longevity/death.
3.3.8 If even one of the two signs in 3.3.2 is moveable death will occur in such places indicated by the sign. 44.34 This correlates with death occurring in foreign place.
3.3.9 If both are fixed signs, death will occur indoors. 44.34 This can be an extension of this śloka where fixed signs indicate death at home.
3.3.10 If 1st from AL/D7 is aspected by Ju or Ve is in 5th death occurs in a room. N/A BPHS only gives Jupiter/Ve influencing 3rd gives consciousness of death.
3.3.11 – 3.3.12 Malefics influencing 1/5 shows death caused by rocks, stones or malevolent  means. N/A BPHS gives various causes of death, but none associated with rocks/stones.
3.3.13 – 3.3.14 Ke influencing 1/5 shows death due to a mistake ( not homicide or suicide since it is intended and with thought). N/A Ke is mysteriously absent from Parāśara’s indications of planets/death.
3.3.15 If Ke in previous place aspected by malefics then death will be violent. N/A
3.3.16 Benefics associating with Ke prevents such mistakes or is averted (stanzas 3.3.10-16 also applicable in 3rd house). 44.22- 44.24 Ra/Ke does not cause pain or misery if in conjunction or aspected by a benefic planet.
3.3.17 Malefics in 8th from AL or AK as the third house is a malefic sign shows bad unnatural death ( odd phrasing) N/A We are only given 44.32 above to see some association here.
3.3.18 If malefics influenced aforementioned 3/8 snakebite, lance, etc. shall be cause. ( note: Ra must be involved for snake, Su-Ma shows weapons. Su is sword/light fire arms while Sa shows a bow/poison, etc.) 44.35 – 44.36 We see various planets giving results according to their indications with Su by fire, Ma by weapon, Sa by thirst.
3.3.19 If Ra aspects sign referred to in 3.3.17 the evil will surely happen (Note: malefic in 3/8 not enough, 8th form AL and lagna & 3rd from AL are important too and Ra here surely indicates). 44.22 – 44.24 Ra/Ke can become māraka if with māraka planet or lord of difficult houses though not cause misery if with benefic.
3.3.20 If Sa or Ra is in 3/8 the native is overpowered and killed mercilessly. N/A
3.3.21 Sa and Ra in aforementioned houses (3/8) cause kidney complaints and urinary disorders (note: powerful Ju in lagna can avert bad death but Ju aspect on Ra/Sa in 38 might not work). 44.25 – 44.31 Sa/Ra in or aspecting 3rd can bring up poison, water, fire related deaths as well as fall from heights, in a ditch, confinement. Water issues may relate to urinary disorders though Parāśara distinctly mentions Venues for urinary diseases in this placement
3.3.22 If Ma and Ke in 3/8 urinary complaints are sure to occur frequently (note: stanza assumes bad death averted by Ju). N/A This seems to be out of line with above.
3.3.23 If Ma/Le is in 3/8 native is put to death by a spear/axe respectively (assumes Ju shield absent. Yoga can also be 7th house here which can activate). 44.35 – 44.36 Mars is associated with death by weapon though nothing indicated for Leo which could be an extension of the Sun.
3.3.24 If Ra and Mo associate with 3.8 from AL or AK, bad death will occur during period of the sign. Ra indicates and Mo guarantees. N/A
3.3.25 But if AL and other benefics are in 8th, death will not occur in period of sign (note carakārakas will not kill in śūla dasha but sthira karakas can cause death in their periods). 44.8 Some correlation can be seen here as the māraka does not cause death in antardaśā when he is related to a benefic.
3.3.26 – 3.3.27 If Ma associates with 3/8 other than Taurus and Cancer, native suffers inflammatory diseases or eruptions (Moon signs keep heat of Ma under check). 44.25 – 44.31 Mars in 3rd gives death from ulcers, weapons, fire, etc.
3.3.28 Nature of sign determines death when Mo is in 3/8 (Note: do not predict death if other factors prevent it). N/A* This seems to be a wholly new teaching starting here, while previous śloka had some basic linkage to BPHS and basic association of planets/signs they rule are used below, application is different.
3.3.29 If Mo in 3/8 is in Libra, native is clubbed to death (principal here is to see 4th form Mo = Capricorn=sticks and clubs). N/A
3.3.30 If Mo in 3/8 in Leo death due to poisonous snakes, reptiles, etc. (Scorpio). N/A
3.3.31 If Mo in 3/8 is in D9 of Cancer or Scorpio death can be from insect bites, poisonous creatures, etc. (Note: Principles involved is that D9 sign itself occupied by Mo should also be considered in stanza 1.2.2 to 1.2.13). N/A
3.3.32 If Mo in 3.8 aspects Scorpio or Leo death may be caused by mice and such creatures (Aries). Note: Mo usually indicates death from live creatures. N/A
3.3.33 Death can be caused by D9 of the planet (in 3/8) or the 2nd or 6th from it. N/A
3.3.34 In Aries D9, death is caused by natural elements (2 and 6 are Taurus and Virgo which are beneficial feminine signs giving natural disease). N/A
3.3.35 In Taurus D9 the native is punished to death (2nd is Gemini but 6th is Libra giving clubs and sticks). N/A
3.3.36 In Gemini D9 death caused by consuming poison (6th is Scorpio). N/A
3.3.37 In Cancer D9 dangerous fever may give death ( 2nd is Leo showing fevers and 6th is Jupiterian sign Sag) N/A
3.3.38 In Leo D9 death caused due to enmity (6th is Capricorn ruled by Saturn, 2nd is mercurial). N/A
3.3.39 In Cancer D9 cholera, typhoid and waterborne diseases given ( Effects of D9 itself given per point in 3.3.33) N/A
3.3.40 In Virgo D9, death due to enemies or his excess/weaknesses. ( 6th is Aquarius=Sa ruled enemies, and Ra giving death due to ṣādripu) N/A
3.3.41 In Sag D9, arrows (or bullets) and sharp weapons give death. ( effects of sign in 2nd/Capricorn given as Sa rules the bow) N/A
3.3.42 In Libra D9 leprosy given (6th from Libra is Pisces) N/A
3.3.43 In Scorpio D9 death by lance/spear (6th is Aries ruled by Mars, firearms also possible). N/A
3.3.44 In Sag D9 swords and other blades give death (2nd is Capricorn which also gives bows and arrows ruled by Sa) N/A
3.3.45 In Capricorn D9 a violent and bad death is indicated (2nd is Aquarius and D9 is also Sa ruled. Great evil given here) N/A
3.3.46 In Aquarius D9, hail, show fall, or lightening can kill (2nd is Pisces while 6th /Cancer rules rains. Floods and rapids can be included) N/A
3.3.47 In Pisces D9 a peaceful/natural end is shown. (6th ruled by Sun which rarely malefic for matters concerning marriage, children, and longevity/health. Plus Pisces shows emancipation) N/A
3.3.48 If Sun is in these places ( D9 of planet in 3/8 from AL/AK or in 2/6 navāṁśa sign from it) enemies, weapons, fire, etc. cause death. N/A
3.3.49 If Mo is in these places, death is due to drowning in a well. ( Note well is fixed D9, moveable D9 is river, etc., dual D9 is large expanse of water) N/A
3.3.50 If Ma is in these places cuts wounds, operation, boils, etc. can cause death (Taurus/Cancer/Pisces mitigate unless Mars further afflicted) N/A
3.3.51 Me in these places show falling of a tree or from, landslide, natural disasters, etc. (moveable or w/Ma-Sa show landslides/earthquakes, if Mo show water related, fixed D9 trees shown, Sag D9 native may fall from a tree). N/A
3.3. 52 Missing
3.3.53 If Ve is in these places, spermatorrhea, urinary problems, private part diseases can cause ( Sa caused depletion/spermatorrhea, MA gives sores and boils ( gonorrhea, etc.), Ra gives dangerous things like AIDS, KE damages scrotum, Sun shows loss of fortune due to excesses). N/A
3.3.54 Sa in these places and native consumes poison. N/A
3.3.55 If Ra or Ke in these places poison, snakes, flying object, bondage, etc. can kill (Sa confirms poison, Su confirms snakebite, Ma shows accidents with moving objects). N/A
3.3.56 Sa and Ra in the places kills by clubs/weapons after being overpowered by evil people. N/A
3.3.57 If Ju and Ra are in these places death is due to black magic, witchcraft, etc. N/A
3.3.58 If Ju and Sa are in these places both the attacker and native are killed. N/A
3.3.59 Disease and other evil are seen from Lagna, triṁśāmśa and kauluka ( Note: Lagna refers to D3 Chart, also ascendant and 12 houses which rules various body parts 4.1 gives details. Kauluka is 1/6th division of sign, triṁśāmśa refers to 5 degrees division based on tatwas. Some say Jaimini’s triṁśāmśa is different form Parāśara but is not the case. See Rath’s commentary for more info). 44.38 – 44.39 Parāśara mentions using drekkāṇa for deciphering what happens after death, though does not distinguish the other charts here which Jaimini expounds upon.
3.3.60 If (the afflicting planet) is in the first kauluka the disease/injury is in the forehead. N/A
3.3.61 If in 2nd kauluka disease in the hair. N/A
3.3.62 If in 3rd kauluka blood disorder ( can mean anything from blood pressure to Cancer. Also due to ears based on body parts. This stanza shows second principle of kauluka in that these will be lorded by planets in order of weekdays. This one is Mars – blood (but MOON is blood?) N/A
3.3.63 If in 4th kauluka eye disease. N/A
3.3.64 If in 5th kauluka danger from wild cats (3rd principle here as sign counted from Aries or Libra- here is Leo being 5th from Aries). N/A
3.3.65 If planet in 6th kauluka tongue/mouth/throat diseases. N/A
3.3.66 Results from previous six stanzas should be applied from Ra and Ke from the tongue onwards (in the reverse) N/A
3.3.67 If planet or its kauluka associates with Sa and gulika entire food tract from mouth down susceptible to disease. N/A
3.3.68 If planet or its kauluka associates with Mars consumption results. N/A
3.3.69 If planet or its kauluka associates with Sun, constipation and blockage of excretory system ( kidney stones, etc.) results. N/A
3.3.70 Death is seen from the Rudrāmsa (ekadasāmsa or D11) some interpret as 7th from Kārakāṁśa though he already has a place for this for spouse/females. See Rath’s commentary for more notes)
3.3.71 As the (maṇḍūka) daśā progressed from 11 to 11th ( 9th house) and so on, evils befalling the native are seen from the inimical divisions ( hence maṇḍūka daśā is specifically meant for Rudrāmsa. Ripu can also refer to ṣādripu). 46.179– 46.180 Parāśara recommends fixed periods as per sthira daśa for maṇḍūka daśā as well.
3.3.72 During daśā of lagna/AK ( or its ādarsa sign, whichever is odd) native is conquered by his enemies/weaknesses ( this is applied to 3/8 as well) 48.2 – 48.4 Good results from lagna like health/ fame during daśā but if negative will be opposite. Recognizes set 3-8 as difficult. See also 47.5-6, results based on benefic/malefic influence.
3.3.73 Death could also occur during strongest of signs associating with malefics (this refers to 4th source of strength where sign with larger # malefics can kill – see stanza 2.3.17). 50.4 – 50.10 Results of cara daśā says various results of malefic sign/planet wherein malefics always create daśā with trouble.
3.3.74 Death can also occur during daśā of sign ( in Rudrāmsa) ruled by Sa, Ma, Ra. 50.4 – 50.10 Similar to above. 50.23 – 50.25 also mentions antardaśā issues from Su, Ma, Sa, Ra. 46.123 – 128 if deha and jīva occupied by Su, Ma, Sa, Ra death can be anticipated – also gives planetary indications like below.
3.3.75 Death can occur during daśā of sign (in Rudrāmsa) occupied by 8L or its bhāya rāśi (see Rath notes for more). 50.4 – 50.10 Similar to above.
3.3.76 If Su influences death inflicting sign, a close friend/family member is cause of death. 47.12 – 47.15 If Sun malefically disposed can give weal, Sun indicates confrontation with brothers, friends, public wrath, mental agony of parents.
3.3.77 If Mo influences death inflicting sign this death will surely happen due to them. N/A This is a general indication that comes time and again where Mo confirms something happening.
3.3.78 If Ma influences death sign, a relative is cause. 47.33 Gives normal Mars indications though some indication of possible corruption in translation.
3.3.79 If Me influences death sign, stomach disorders or disputes will cause death. 47.66 – 47.70 Acquires disease mentally upset, confrontative with relatives, co-born, etc.
3.3.80 If Ju influences death sign quarrels and fire can cause death. 47.49 – 47.51 Change of house, mental tension, loss of wealth, etc.
3.3.81 If Ve influences death sign, other sex (i.e. rape, love affair, etc.) can cause death. 47.83 – 47.84 ½ Viṁśottarī lord 6,8,12 can produce Venus related problems. Also if 2-7 become māraka can give physical danger.
3.3.82 If Sa influences death sign consumption of poison can cause death (whether results of planet of sign shall predominate for previous stanzas given next). 47.57 – 47.60 Danger of poison and weapons, imprisonment, misfortune, etc.
3.3.83 If planet is in OH then results given in 3.3.76-82 will predominate. 50.1 – 50.3 Lord of sign in full strength gives full results.
3.3.84 If planet is in sign other than its own results of sign shall predominate. 50.4 – 50.10 Malefics results then malefic place sign covers this and next two stanzas on some level. BPHS moves from general planet results to houses to signs in Kalachakra to yogas in cara daśā etc. through chapters 48-51 and Jaimini seems to be mimicking it here in this chapter.
3.3.85 If planet is uccha, sign will cause fall of native (exalted planets don’t kill). N/A
3.3.86 If planet is nīca result of planet will occur. 50.40 – 41 Nīca planet in sign or trines with lord causes bad dasha.
3.3.87 6th is house of punishment and 11th ( 6 from 6) is house of emancipation of the soul ( i.e.-death). Rath notes this may imply usage of ṣaṣṭāṁśa/ 1/6th division of sign and is referenced in following stanzas. N/A
3.3.88 These houses ( 6/11) should be examined for adversities and ill health respectively. N/A
3.3.89 Death of the native is seen in 2nd house (4th from 11th). N/A
3.3.90 3rd house is death inflictor for parents. N/A
3.3.91 4th house (third from 2nd) is death inflictor for relatives and co-born. N/A
3.3.92 5th house (4 from 2nd) is death inflictor for spouse (note: 4th in ṣaṣṭāṁśa refers to spouse instead of 7th). N/A
3.3.93 The 6th house ( 5 from 2) is death inflictor for children. N/A
3.3.94 7th house (6 form 2nd) is death inflictor for enemies (no further references given beyond 6th confirming Jaimini was referring to ṣaṣṭāṁśa chart). N/A
3.3.95 Malefics in concerned houses show early death to concerned persons. N/A
3.3.96 Malefics in 8th from respective significator houses do not show well for their longevity ( i.e. malefic in lagna is 8th form 6th showing destruction of enemies) 50.4 – 50.10 Malefics in 8,9,5 from dasha give troublesome results. Mal in 3 = bad?
3.3.97 Planets in trines to 7th from concerned houses will cause misfortunes, troubles, or destruction of these people (also trines to 11th). Example malefics in 4,8,12 from lagna is trines to 7th from 6th (ruling enemies) and could ruin enemy, etc.. 50.4 – 50.10 See above ( 5-9 are trines)
3.3.98 Death also seen 6th from 1,3,8 from lagna/AK in ṣaṣṭāṁśa ( this means  6,8,1 respectively and indicate nature of death, similarly for other carakārakas/houses for other relatives). N/A No specific given here, see signs.
3.3.99 If aforementioned houses are in Aquarius, person is unaware of death. N/A This could be seen as opposite corollary of below where the benefics give consciousness of death.
3.3.100 If aforementioned houses is Sagittarius person is aware of death ( Jupiter give awareness/ Sa + Ra deny it). 44.33 Ju/ Ve in 3rd native is conscious of death.
3.3.101 If aforementioned houses is Capricorn, disease of stomach harm native before death. N/A
3.3.102 If aforementioned houses are Aquarius enemies can cause death. N/A
3.3.103 If aforementioned houses are Pisces cause of death is supernatural and goes undiagnosed. N/A
3.3.104 If aforementioned houses are odd footed sign with Su + Sa, even footed sign aspecting will determine the disease. N/A
3.3.105 If the even footed signs are 3/9 from lagna the disease relates to the feet. N/A
3.3.106 If the even footed signs are 6/8 from lagna the disease relates to the fingers. N/A
3.3.107 If Ke joins the said places the native may lose a limb. N/A
3.3.108 If the same combo is aspected by malefics native loses his feet (other planets show other diseases). N/A
3.3.109 Strength of signs to kill is now described (note: Since Jaimini already gave strength rules this elaboration is for signs in rudrāmsa and ṣaṣṭāṁśa). N/A
3.3.110 Sign associated with benefics is weaker. N/A See general strength rules wherein malefics are strong to kill.
3.3.111 Strength of 2 signs will depend on the nature of the divisions (whether they are with malefics/benefics). N/A
3.3.112 Natural sign strength is movable, fixed, dual which is reversed for longevity. N/A See general strength rules
3.3.113 If signs are equally strong, benefic aspect reduces if by 25%. N/A
3.3.114 While choosing among trines, the criteria of aspect of benefics is considered first (Note: consider aspects first, then nature, then conjunction of benefics which is reverse from above). N/A
3.3.115 This aspect of benefics is also considered in the amass ( ṣaṣṭāṁśa/ rudrāmsa) N/A
3.3.116 If the signs are equally aspected by benefics, movable, fixed, dual in receding order determines strength. N/A
3.3.117 But a sign with more malefics is strongest. N/A See general strength rules
3.3.118 Sub period is from 6th from daśā rāśi or its 7th. N/A
3.3.119 Details of death seen from 3rd from lagna/AL/AK. 44.25 – 44.37 Many results given for death in 3rd. AL/ AK etc. not specified.
3.3.120 Period of death seen from trines from 8th or 8L. 44.35 – 44.35 Death due 8th from lagna, trines not specified.
3.3.121 Similarly death of mother and father can be assessed (in rāśi āyur daśā, 8th from 4/9 used, ṣaṣṭāṁśa from 2nd). N/A
3.3.122 If the aṁśa (ṣaṣṭāṁśa sign) is owned by Mars mother will not die (sthira karaka will not kill its signification) N/A
3.3.123 Period of daśā is from sign to its lord per cara daśa scheme ( note: this stanza gives the periods for the paryāya daśā, see 1.1.28) 46.155-156 These are the basic cara daśā rules.
3.3.124 Is ascendant is dual, cara paryāya daśā are applicable ( also called trikoṇa daśā. The gochāra daśā of cara paryāya, sthira paryāya and ubhaya paryāya are also applicable in ṣaṣṭāṁśa) 46.22 Basics of trikoṇa daśā given though no details on application.
3.3.125 If the ascendant is fixed, sthira paryāya and if movable ubhaya paryāya daśā are applicable (periods of this are like cara daśā from sign to its lord see Rath’s notes for more details on calculations). N/A
3.3.126 2nd from the kārakas ( sthira) is conducive for good results. N/A
3.3.127 Death usually occurs in 3rd from AK/AL. 44.25 – 44.37 Basic third house death indications as given above.
3.3.128 If death is not expected in 3rd, other signs (aspecting these/trines to Rudra, etc.) may be examined. N/A
3.3.129 There are other methods of longevity estimation that are not quite up to mark (other mathematical models like aṁśāyu, piṇḍāyau, etc. can be quite off. These methods and some of Parāśara are very accurate). N/A BPHS covers many of these variations in longevity calculations and aṣṭakavarga teachings.



This chapter focuses on fertility and timing of coitus. Some details of fertility were already given in 1.4 though this is another area that Jaimini greatly elaborates on which BPHS does not.

SUTRA Meaning ŚLOKA Meaning
3.4.1 Again consider 9th from AL (which was considered in previous quarter). N/A
3.4.2 Even an upagraha 9th from AL gives wealth and property (dhūma, vyatipat, etc.) . N/A
3.4.3 Fertility and conception are seen from 1st and 5th (from AL and from lagna/saptāṁśa lagna can also be examined to confirm). 80.2 – 80.4 Physical traits form 1st, birth form 5th, husband from 7th, widowhood from 8th.
3.4.4 -3.4.5 Again consider ārūdha pāda of 3/9 from Sun and 8th from these (based on 9th month gestation period and it’s 7th) 80.26 – 80.29 8th house placements given of planets that are all negative. Jaimini giving further details here.
3.4.6 If Me and Ve are in these 8th houses from ārūdha pāda conception is unlikely. N/A
3.4.7 If Su is in 1/7 from these 8th houses conception unlikely ( hence Su in 2/8 from the ārūdha to cause infertility) N/A
3.4.8 If Su is in 12th house conception is unlikely. N/A
3.4.9 If Su is in 6th conception is unlikely. N/A
3.4.10 In this way see fertility/conception from 3/9 from Lagna ( and AK) N/A
3.4.11 When Su transits trines to dārapada conception is likely to occur. N/A
3.4.12 If Su is in 2nd, danger of miscarriage. N/A
3.4.13 Conception occurs if Su is in D9 sign occupied by Ke. N/A
3.4.14 Conception can occur from the 11th to 18th day from start of menstruation (see Rath’s notes for many more details here and above). N/A
3.4.15 If Mo aspects/conjoins Su or ādhāna lagna (conception lagna) pregnancy is protected or conception occurs. 9.7 – 9.11 BPHS shows opposite where malefics can harm the birth. Ra + Mo & Su, aspect of Ma and Sa on lagna child dies in a week.
3.4.16 Benefics in 7th show normal fetus growth. 80.46 A basic correlation can be seen where 7l or Mo sign auspicious and auspicious planet in 7th, still born viṣa kanyā yoga won’t happen.
3.4.17 Ve represents the semen ( and becomes karaka for the fetus). N/A
3.4.18 If Ve in transit aspects/conjoins 5th from VL or during varṇada daśā of signs in trines to VE, conception will occur. N/A
3.4.19 Mo influencing the 5th from ādhāna lagna promotes conception and pregnancy is successful. 80.34 Mo + Ve in lagna + Sa + Ra with 5th having malefic influence = barren showing some tenuous connections once again for comparison.
3.4.20 Mo influencing ādhāna lagna results in success too. See 80.34.
3.4.21 If Mo, Me, or Ve is in ādhāna lagna or 7th, fetus grows without problems. See 80.34.
3.4.22 – 3.4.23 If Sa + Mo conjoin in 4/9 pregnancy is aborted. See 80.34.
3.4.24 This miscarriage is due to air entering uterus. N/A
3.4.25 If Ke is in these places bleeding occurs. The Su and other malefics here give similar results (miscarriage) N/A
3.4.26 Strength of planets in D12 determine nature of the semen ( semen should not be taken literally but refers to creatures procreative process, even plants) N/A
3.4.27 In addition to this the lagna and Mo should be in viyoni signs for manifold birth ( Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, first half Sag, Capricorn, Pisces) N/A
3.4.28 If the ādhāna lagna has Ra + Mo child will be brave. N/A
3.4.29 If Ra & Mo are in 3/11 from ādhāna lagna child will be timid. N/A
3.4.30 If Ra + Mo are in 7/10 or in D9 lagna, child will be timid. N/A
3.4.31 In this manner determine the nature from the 11 & 9th houses. N/A
3.4.32 The nature is also seen from planets in D9 lagna and their uccha/ nīca, etc. N/A
3.4.33 Nature also seen from 3, 5, and 12th from D9 lagna. N/A
3.4.34 -3.3.35 Strongest planet in natural order of strength from Su as strongest, in 7 or 11 will determine sex of child. N/A
3.4.36 -3.4.37 If this planet is male, a male child born, else a female will be born. N/A
3.4.38 An example is given ( lord taken as Sa) N/A
3.4.39 If Sa is with Ke some blood/discharge disorder. N/A
3.4.40 If Sa + Ra child is very dark ( black). 3.16 – 3.17 Jaimini seems to be working off basic color indications.
3.4.41 If Sa + Ve child is dark. See 3.16 – 3.17
3.4.42 If Sa + Ju child is fair ( tawny) See 3.16 – 3.17
3.4.43 If Sa + Me child is blueish complexion. See 3.16 – 3.17
3.4.44 If Sa + Ma child has reddish or golden yellow complexion. See 3.16 – 3.17
3.4.45 If Sa + Mo child has whitish complexion. See 3.16 – 3.17
3.4.46 Complexion can also be known from lord of D9 (note Saturn as lord of child nothing to do with complexion but is planet conjoining Sa). N/A
3.4.47 Another example given. N/A
3.4.48 The moment of the falling of sperm that fertilizes ovum should be known (ādhāna lagna at moment of coitus). N/A
3.4.49 If malefics influence 2nd, child dies/pregnancy fails. N/A
3.4.50 If Ve influences 2nd, birth occurs. N/A
3.4.51 If benefics/malefics influence third from VL predict an increase/decrease of co-born. 5.19 – 5.23 Effects of co-born seen 3-11 from VL for younger/elder.
3.4.52 If ādhāna lagna or its D9 is in Pisces or Scorpio, could be birth of twins, triplets, etc. (presupposing strength of VL given previously. Usually dual signs should be involved in rāśi and aṁśa for twins. N/A
3.4.53 Stronger between 7/11 houses form ādhāna lagna when afflicted by malefics produces defects on basis of horās. N/A
3.4.54 This is an extensive stanza giving birth defect base on horās of 7/11 though some slight defects in the stanza itself are mentioned by Rath. N/A
3.4.55 In this manner strength of the signs should be ascertained for predicting bodily defects. N/A
3.4.56 The weak/afflicted sign which aspect the lagna and 2nd, will give their results during the course of the pregnancy. N/A