Students who have successfully completed the course and show proficiency in reading a chart are eligible for Council of Vedic Astrology certification. The CVA is a professional organization of Vedic Astrologers. Visit Council of Vedic Astrology to learn more.

All homework and practicum need to be completed for CVA credits.

If you want to be certified by the CVA through the Science of Light Course, an additional course [ CVA Certification Class ] is required to insure readiness for the certification examination.

Level 1 Certification (Jyotish Visharada) requires 600 hours of training:

Science of Light (SOL) Course level 1: 220 hour training

16 classes: 6 hours long= 96 hours

Reading and study for each class: 3-4 hours= 48-64 hours

2 practicum classes: 6 hours= 12 hours

Class discussion meetings: 2.5 hours (x16) = 40 hours

10 Research charts: 20 hours

Science of Light (SOL) Course level 2: 240 hour training

24 classes: 5 hours long= 120 hours

Reading and study for each class: 3 hours= 72 hours

Class discussion meetings: 3 hours (x12) = 36 hours

2 practicum classes: 6 hours= 12 hours

Science of Light (SOL) CVA Certification Class [for Jyotish Visharada]: 140 hours

4 study classes (5 hours long): 20 hours

Research project and presentation: 20 hours

Analysis of 10 Charts = 100 hours

  • Student examination of the chart along with a summary of interpretation and rationale; minimum of 10 charts with 10 different Lagnas.
  • Chart analyses are to be typed, a minimum of 5-7 pages for each chart.
  • Students show ability to understand the foundational principles of Vedic chart interpretation.
  • Students demonstrate ability to assess major life issues, and answer questions based upon the birth chart.

The CVA Jyotish Visharada written examination is 3 to 4 hours long and given at a CVA conference. Upon passing, the student will be granted a certificate of Jyotish Visharada from the Council of Vedic Astrology. All documents must be received by the CVA certification liaison 45 days prior to taking the examination. CVA Jyotish Visharada examination fee is $200. This fee must be paid 45 days prior to taking the examination.