The best free softwares:
DevaGuru is a cloud based software that will work on any web  accessing device.

Jagannath Hora
This will get you started and take care of all calculation needs, but only runs on a PC.

The best paid software:
Sri Jyoti Star
This is beneficial for serious students and those who intend to give astrological readings.

Astrodienst is an online program that calculates the chart in the western circle. It also has sidereal options. I use this to check the accuracy of the other programs when there is a difference. Those who don't have Sri Jyoti Star can use this to make charts for astrocartography.

More charts and info
is available at
Astro Databank

Further Courses:

5 Year Jyotish Course recommended after SOL
Parashara Jyotish Course

Advanced Jyotish Studies
Jaimini Sutra Course
Mantra Shastra Program

Associated Astrologers:

Sohamsa (DBC)
Sri Jagannath Center
Sanjay Rath
Visti Larsen
Sarbani Rath
Sarajit Podder
Zoran Radosavljevic
Rafal Gendarz
Maja Zejak

Practicing SOL Graduate list is located on this page.

Graduate Resources:

Students who have completed at least level 1 meet on the Sunday closest to full moon.

Graduates Page is called "Sangha" in top menu. It is for graduates to support each other in further studies and step into profession practice.

Graduate Video Archives to support past graduates in regular continuing education.

Graduate Research to explore past research and participate in future research projects with other SOL graduates.