Details for the Parashara Jyotish Course 2023 are found at

Each year 40 to 100 students go through the 4 to 5 year course to become Jyotish Pandits.

PJC 2022 cohort of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course is mentored by Branka Larsen (of Serbia), the wife of Visti Larsen, and assisted by Zeljko. The online course is taught entirely in English and will last 4 years with an optional annual workshop in Europe. This is a chance to study with a prestigious female astrologer in the Achyutananda lineage. The course begins Jan 2022 and lasts until 2025.

The Parashara Jyotish Course of 2021 is mentored by Paramguru Pandit Sanjay Rath with the assistance of Nathan, Deepak and other assistants.

There are multiple batches previous to this, each with their own mentors from the tradition.

The Science of Light site has a 6 week course to learn more about your chart, a 12 week course to be introduced to Vedic Astrology practice, and two courses that are a year long with a focus to become a practitioner of Vedic Astrology. The Parashara Jyotish Course goes deeply through Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, illuminating various techniques with the teachings of Paramguru Pandit Sajay Rath. PJC is not a beginner course, it is meant to deepen the fundamentals that are taught by Parashara in a practical context.

Prerequisite for PJC with Freedom Cole is to be able to read a Vedic Astrology Chart properly.

Testimonial from a PJC student who has done Science of Light level 1, Hemant K.
I did the SOL-I course in 2019. The course is very well structured, and Freedomji takes the class through the condensed material in a very gradual way. After doing the SOL I course, my journeys in PJC and JSP programs at DBC have been taken off very well. It is my hope that every serious student of PJC can do SOL-I before embarking on PJC as it makes a real difference. Special mention for the end practicum, which brings everything together and stitches so many concepts learnt in the course.